Album Name
최기덕 (9duck)
발라드, 인디음악
Release Date
Release Agency
포크라노스, Dreamus, authentic

I wake up to the sound of crying
Look around but only mine
In my brain you're this radiant
Sight that brings a smile
And the craving's hard to see
My own sad private fantasy
I don't want you
I won't love you
But in my dreams
When you whisper your love and say you wanna stay
you won’t go away
In my dreams
It’s another break up I have to live again
Then I wake up
All is grey
In my room without any light
Just the look of you hurts my eyes
Every moment in this prison
Makes me doubt my reasons why
And all the craving’s hard to see
Imagination’s killing me
I don’t want you
I won’t love you

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