Album Name
Love On Scale
포크/블루스, 인디음악
Release Date
Release Agency

Don't you please
Put my love on a scale
Cause if you do then
I'll be damned
I'm barely hanging in
If you want
I'll be the pawn in your chess
Use me so you can win
Though you've already won
this game

When you see me
Just like the way you do
It makes me wanna believe
There's a chance for you and me
But then again
You know I wear my heart
on a sleeve
So why do you make me feel
Like there can't be more than that
Hopeless romantic or lovestruck
Call it whatever you want
I want you by my side
When I hear the morning birds but
Sometimes only just sometimes
I hope my mind's playing
tricks on me
Cause my heart can't
take it anymore
I rather hope
it's just a silly little game
Where I'm set up for a loss
Then I'd be easier to numb
this pain
I'd be lying
If I said I don't like it when you
are playing with my heart
Cause then at least you notice me
So please my love
Never stop playing with my heart
Cause without you I don't think
I'll ever want it anymore

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