Album Name
Sin City
Kvsh (캐시)
Release Date
Release Agency

I remember when I first started
to gain star status.
It was like all of a sudden
everybody could actually see
that I really existed.
Like before that moment
I was an invisible being.
I couldn’t believe the money
I was making.
Just looking at the bank account
was just so unreal.
I could finally move
in to a house
with a parking lot.
Literally no cap.
Pretty girls smiled at me
like I was some kind
of a cute puppy or something.
People wouldn’t let me stand
in line because
they thought it was
disrespectful or whatever.
And when I went on stage,
they loved me
before I can even prove
that I had it in me.
Now I hold the torch,
and I have Kvsh along
for the ride with me.
I want him and his music
to get whatever I got,
and even more.
This is Swings. I love you.
God bless you.
P Nation you know what it is.

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