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Jiho Givenchy (지호지방시)
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Ya Uh GQ
Uh ya ya I drink holy water
I feel like I’m walking on water
Praise the lord hallelujah
Praise the lord hallelujah
I pray Errday
Breakfast lunch and dinner
No wonder how really made it far
And my bish
drive a buga- ERRRRRRR stop
I gotta another girlfriend
gotta pick up
If she ain’t picking up
I ain’t picking you up
You better take a Lyft or pick up
And all my all my bishes really fly
blonde hair blue eye
and they really tall
Sometimes I feel like
you my baby sitter
but she my baby sitter uhh
I drank holy water today
Now bow down
when you see me in the street
of Miami now ya heard
I ain’t playin with ya uh
Ya I pray to lord errday
And shit really come like errday
I feel like its holiday
I I feel like fur day
chinchilla coat chinchilla mink
I put it in a yellow or pink
Yea I like to stand out dinco
Put me on a F Dingo
Yea I play bingo
80 year old billionaires
Yes sittin on one table
I sizzurp on sizzurp
I praised the lord

Please let me introduce myself
my name Korean Justin Bieber

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