Album Name
who I am?
whychan (와이찬)
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I used to see the man
in the mirror
I felt bad
'cause I didn't like how I look
I’ve gotten used
to seeing myself on the screen
It gives me a bad vibe
and kills myself
I liked the way it looked
and it felt good
to see other people
feel the same way
I am slowly starting
to get confused
What I originally looked like
Walking down the street
Nobody will ever know who I am
Sometimes pretty cool
But am I the man on your mind
Oh oh oh oh oh oh hah
There are so many people
in the world
I have to compete
with them all my life
It’s not that I want
to be the best
I just wanna be a man
of their league
Some people are
really good looking
And there are many people
with lots of money
Singers Painters
People good at dancing
Someone has a lot of friends
and free time
Why do I compare myself
to others and make myself unhappy
Where is the man who I am
Please find the original me
Oh oh oh oh oh oh hah

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