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I was reaching for the whole new world
The illusion of my sight
Why do we get hurt
Could you tell me
The sign of the times
When the sun goes down
As time goes by I'll face all lies
Oh my arrogance I was wrong
That won't help Just concentrate
Then it will toll and resonate
(ahh, adjustment ooh, adjustment of your life)
The day I close my eyes
I will know what's going on
But I can't wait
It ain't nothing to me So I grope
What is even real
Now I'm feeling fear
If everything is relevant
then where should I go
I'm too young for this yeah
I struggle to feel alive
Yeah This is all I got
When the sun comes out
and it colors it bright yeah I will smile
My tears will be dropped I was wrong
There's no truth
There's nothing I can define
It says says says
I was wrong I was wrong
I was wrong I was wrong
I was wrong

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