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Digital Dav
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Login on your phone and
on your laptop
All my songs are rocking
on your desktop
Know who got the game
in a headlock
Money come in like
we hit the jackpot
Party party party
no we can’t stop
Squeaky squeaky squeaky
make that Bed rock
Liquor got me twisted
like some dreadlocks
Make her wanna take off
her tank top
All my diamonds bussin out my chain
and like what my neck worth
Running up the digits
tryna multiply my net worth
Username and password
I connect you to my network
Smokin back to back
I'm burning holes up
in my dress shirt
If I call your number
promise me that you goin answer
I’ve been pushing forward
but some ppl pull me backwards
Seoul to la I’m running this shit
til my leg hurts
I can’t do a feature
till I see the money transfer
Baby I got what you want
and what you need
She want come and live
inside my fantasy
I feel like
I’m from a different galaxy
I'm so high up
where it’s zero gravity
This my destiny
I feel like it’s meant to be
Smoke this remedy
come up melodies
I don’t do shit free
it’s gonna cost a fee
Give you the best of me
until the death of me
Login to Digiverse
Finally the tabels hit reverse
Cuz I’ve been so prepared
for the worst
So Imma show you
how to get it first
I was patient had to
sit back and observe
Workaholic is a blessing and a curse
Ace of diamonds lotta money
I dispersed
20 thousand on my wrist its so absurd

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