Album Name
Night Ride 2 Prequel
랩/힙합, 인디음악
Release Date
Release Agency

It all started with a dream
I was on the low when they all needed me
In the night I let me free
Wings that I lost
yeah they thought I would leave
Wish I would fly with the wings
but I feel something draggin' me
take me to my end
I've been down for so long
Let me see what I get
Everytime looking back
it's the dreams and nightmares
So long
So long
I've been trying so long on my own
But that's the shit that I signed up for
Even though they never show me the way no more
Riding under moons and the stars alone
I been trying to get it and bring it all home
It's been a long way coming from
where I started
Hunnid miles to go but I
never folded
Once I tried to hold the time,
let go it
And I'm movin' forward
like my time is stolen
Wishing on a star
Write my name on a stone
Yet I'm young, dumb and lost
And blinded for the gold yeah
Watching from the dark
It's the home for the lost yeah
And I'm riding through it
with my dreams and nightmares

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