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Falsettos (2016 Broadway Cast Recording)
Stephanie J. Block
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I`m Breaking Down – Stephanie J. Block
I'd like to be a princess on a throne
To have a country I can call my own
And a king
Who's lusty and requires a fling
With a female thing
Great men will be men
Let me turn on the gas
I caught them in the den with
Marvin grabbing Whizzer's ass
Oh sure I'm sure
he's sure he did his best
I bet he meant to be
what he was not
The things he was are things
which I forgot
He's a queen
I'm a queen
Where is my crown
I'm breaking down
I'm breaking down
My life is shitty
And my kid seems
like an idiot to me
I mean that's sick
I mean he's great
It's me who is the matter
Talking madder
Than the maddest hatter
If I repeat one more word
I swear I'll lose my brain
Oh what else should I explain
Oh yes it's true
I can cry on cue
But so can you
I'm breaking down
I'm breaking down
Down down
You ask me
Is it fun to cry over nothing
It is I'm breaking down

Now let's consider
what I might do next
I hate admitting
I've become perplexed
I'm bereaved
I've cried I've shook
I've yelled I've heaved
I have been deceived
As enemies go
Whizzer is not so bad
It's just he's so damn happy
That it makes me so damn mad
I want to hate him
but I really can't
It's like a nightmare
how this all proceeds
I hope that Whizzer
don't fulfill his needs
Don't is wrong
Sing along
What was the noun
I'm breaking down
I'm breaking down
I'll soon redecorate these stalls
I want some padding on the wall
And also pills
I wanna sleep
Sure thing'll probably worsen
But it's not like
I'm some healthy person
I've rethought my talks with Marv
And one fact does emerge
I think I like his shrink
So that is why I might turn to drink
I'm on the brink
Of breaking down
I'm breaking down
Down down
I only want to love a man
who can love me
Or like me
Or help me
Help me
Marvin was never mine
He took his meetings
in the boy's latrine
I used to cry
He'd make a scene
I'd rather die
Than dry-clean
Marvin's wedding gown
I'm breaking down
I'm breaking down
It's so upsetting how I found
That what's rectangular is round
I mean it stinks
I mean he's queer
And me I'm just a freak
Who needs it maybe
every other week
I've rethought the fun we've had
And one fact to emerge
I've played the foolish clown
The almost virgin
Who sing this dirge
Is on the verge
Of breaking down
I'm breaking down
Down down
The only thing that's breaking up
is my family
The only thing that's breaking up
is my family
But me I'm breaking down

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